Dogs at the Beach!!!

I have a great job!!!! I get to come to the beach to work! I also have the added perks of working with my family who keep me laughing and who I have adventures with all the time. Another added perk of the job is that I work at one of the few beaches in the area that allows dogs on the beach, and in some of the houses, and condos. It is always fun to see our fuzzy four legged friends having adventures on the beach with their owners. I have seen dogs so excited to be at the beach they couldn’t keep still the closest comparison is a really excited 3 year old. Their whole bodies wag not just the tail. Most of the dogs like the sand and the water. They have plenty of room to run and there is always something to investigate on the beach, weather it is a piece of drift wood to carry, or a crab to do battle with, adventures abound.

A few winters ago was my first one here with our winter guests and many of them with their dogs. I would have daily visits from my four legged buddies coming by for a treat. Sometimes there were more dogs in the office than people which is always fun. I will be sure to post more pictures of my doggy friends as soon as they get here this winter.

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