9/24/10 The Dunes Beach Update

It’s another beautiful day at the Dunes Beach in Fort Morgan!  As some of you may have seen a few weeks ago, we started a “frizzy hair scale” to gauge the level of humidity outside.  As you can tell by Katie’s do (I believe she compared it to Kramer’s), today is a very hot, humid, and windy day.  There is a 30 percent chance of rain, so we’re hoping that will cool things off out there!  The beach is absolutely beautiful today though.  There are several people out playing in the water and enjoying the beach! We wish you could be out there with them!!  Hope to see you guys soon!

Enjoy! 9/24/10 Beach Update

9/14/10 The Dunes Beach Update

It is a BEAUTIFUL day today at The Dunes Beach in Fort Morgan! It is great fall weather that kind of masquerades as summer during the day.  It is in the low 90’s very sunny, a nice breeze that cools the sand off perfectly right now.  In the mornings and evenings the temps are in the low 70’s.  The water is perfectly clear and the blue crabs are out in full force.  while we still have a small crowd, they are enjoying the beach and all of it’s beauty this time of year.  Check out our video for today!   09/14/10 The Dunes Beach Update in Ft. Morgan       

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Ft. Morgan Beach Labor Day Weekend Update 09/02/10

We are ready for our visitors to check in and enjoy our beach in Ft. Morgan. The beach is looking good and the water is very inviting! A lone fisherman and some shore birds are the only ones populating our beach this afternoon. The beach is looking great and water is clear everything is ready for our visitors this weekend. This is one of our last BIG weekends of the year, and we are anxious to see our visitors come in! Hope to see you all soon!
Ft. Morgan Beach Labor Day Update 09/02/10

Ft. Morgan Beach Update 08/20/10

What a beautiful afternoon in Ft. Morgan.  It is warm but their is a nice breeze coming off of the water and we saw lots of fish jumping and we even saw a small pod of Dolphin off the beach.  Which we are so excited to see.  We see a few cleanup crews down near the Fort, today cleaning up tar balls.  Our beach is looking really nice and we had some friends help us out with our beach update this morning!  Thanks Bryn and Diane for taking the time out of your trip to help us with our video today!  We hope you get to come back soon!!! Ft. Morgan Beach Update 08/20/10

Ft. Morgan Beach Update 08/19/10

Good afternoon friends!!!!  It is a beautifully warm day on the beach with crystal clear water and blue sky.  We have had rain every day for a couple of weeks and it is great to see the sunshine this afternoon. 
Ft. Morgan Beach Update 08/19/10
We are changing or video updates a bit.  Instead of a daily beach up date we will continue to give you beach information, and add in helpful hints, vacation tips, exploring area amenities, Ft. Morgan events and special happenings, and adventures with Tara and Katie!  If there is any information you want us to get out on video send us a message.  We will see you soon!