Alabama Coastal Farmers and Fisherman’s Market

I am so excited to introduce you to the Coastal Alabama Farmers and Fisherman’s Market. On one of our many weekend explorations of our area my husband and I visited the new Farmers and Fisherman’s Market. This market is located in Foley, on county road 20. If you turn east on County Road 20 this market is located about 2 miles down and just behind Wolf Bay Lodge. This trip was actually a surprise from my husband, I love farmers markets!!! So this was a fantastic surprise. When we arrived I was completely taken aback. This new market practically sparkled it was so new and clean.

The market is set up in stall form. The farmers and other vendors can literally back their trucks up to their stall set up a table and place their produce out for sale. We saw everything from beautiful locally grown in season veggies. These included tomatoes, pumpkins, squash, collard greens, green beans, bell peppers, apples, sweet potatoes, cucumbers, satsumas, and hot peppers of all sorts.
We got a few squash, and some mini pumpkins. This produce is fresh from the farm just picked the day before or even that morning. The market requires this last minute picking process to bring only the freshest produce to you and your table. Local plants are also everywhere you look. We have produce farmers and we have just plant farmers that simply grow flowering plants or even fruit and vegetable plants to resell. You had dozens of beautiful choices if you are looking for something special for the nature lover in your family.

This Farmers Market is not just a farmers market alone. It is also a Fisherman’s Market as well. This means that some of our best local fishermen bring their daily catch in for you to pick up and enjoy. Local fresh caught fish of seasonal favorites, crab, and of course SHRIMP!!! Shrimp is a delicacy in
this area and you can of course get some of the best here at the Farmers and Fisherman’s Market. This day There were only two vendors at the market but from what I understand there are typically a few more. These vendors have local markets in the area and we can vouch for the freshness of their catch.

Coastal Alabama Farmers and Fisherman’s Market just doesn’t do this market justice. This market also has some beautiful art vendors. The day we visited there were two beautiful jewelry vendors. One made product from old silver ware pieces. Mr. Quinley’s designs are unique and made with love.
Each piece is made by hand and weather it is pounded flat cut short or twisted into a creature this jeweler is sure to please the lady in your life. There are even great key rings for that special guy in your life or even a new driver.
He makes traditional rings, bracelets, and also does two piece bracelets and monogrammed bracelets. Some of my favorites were the one made out of flattened serving pieces and they were made to mimic some of our beautiful sea life. This jewelry can be found at the Southern Bling stall.

The Mari Mae Collection was just a few stalls down and included handmade jewelry and quilts. The quilts were lovely and came in a variety of colors and sizes. She had everything from full bed size quilts to small table toppers and even hot pads. She also had handmade seashell jewelry.

This was probably my favorite booth. They shells were locally found and strung with brilliantly selected beads to make truly one of a kind pieces. I can’t wait to peruse her jewelry more and get some gifts for friends.

The pottery vendor is a booth set up by Joe & Louise Verhoestra. They make the famous hurricane crosses that we have sold in our office for years. She has some lovely platters, and statues butterflies, angels and sea life and of course some great items to show pride in your favorite team. I love the fish bone chimes, and the hurricane crosses have been a favorite for years. This is another great place to do some great holiday shopping while in town.
The Farmers and Fisherman’s Market is turning into a one stop shop.

You can’t miss the homemade bath products by Martha Lundy. She specializes in hand made soaps, bath salts, sugar scrubs, hair products, lotions, candles, even some jelly. She uses all natural ingredients to make her environmentally safe and wonderful smelling products. If you are trying to avoid using sulfates and all of the harmful things that many of our soaps put in the environment and even on our skin, Ms. Lundy’s products are absolutely something you need to try. I used her stick lotion just once on my elbows and they are still so soft. Great gift ideas for everyone in the family and so much more are available at Farmers and Fisherman’s Market.

Finally, on our way out we came across baked goods. Actually more than baked goods! Full meals were available. There were several vendors that offered breads, cookies, cakes, as well as soups, and sandwiches. The friendly ladies at SHMILY (See, How, Much, I, Love, You) Tree Bakery Café had a huge variety of baked treats for you to take on to your condo or just enjoy lunch while you were there. These ladies even cater special events and make wedding cakes!

Our sourdough bread was a wonderful treat with soup at home later that evening. Another great more than a Farmers Market find.
The visit to the Coastal Alabama Farmers and Fisherman’s Market is one that I will absolutely repeat. IN fact my husband and I are intending to make a weekly or maybe bi-monthly visit. We will be buying fresh local veggies, fruit, baked goods, bread, and fish, for our table in the future. We are so excited about this fantastic new resource in our area. I will keep you up to date as the market expands to add a Meat Market and Hydroponics farm and local furniture maker in 2014.

They have even loftier goals for 2016 of a kitchen and canning facilities, local farmer’s table restaurant, and retail produce shop. Oh and for those of you looking for a beautiful rustic wedding venue. They will soon be able to offer the farmers market as a wedding venue as well. Be sure to add the Coastal Alabama Farmers and Fisherman’s Market as a stop on your list of places to visit in the area. We’ll see you soon!

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