8/16/10 Oil Leak Update The Dunes Beach

We haven’t been able to go out to the beach to make a video over the past couple days due to the vast amount of rain that we’ve been receiving.  Katie and I decided to go down there today to get one and didn’t even make it to the end of the boardwalk before it started pouring. Go figure. So needless to say, we didn’t make it down to the water. But we’ll post our video anyway!   The beach was pretty desolate earlier, the few people that we saw were packing up their things and heading for the high country.  But hopefully the rain will stop so people can go out there and enjoy the beach!! 

So while we’re sitting in the office trying to stay dry, you need to call us and make your reservations for Labor Day!  We’re filling up fast!!

We hope you have a great week!  See you guys soon!


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